Sunday, November 13, 2016

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cabinets Contained

Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of months.. I prefer to take my time with posts so I have good or material at all. Instead of rushing and not being inspired. Its all for fun and timely help anyway,  right?  : )

So,  I have mentioned my apartment being undersized due to living in the most wanted state in America, aka Cali-forn-IA..  And what I think is a pretty poppin city by the water.. Yes,  we walk to the beach all year round on a daily/weekly :).

What I want to address in this blog is containing clutter in your cabinets. This can happen in a regular kitchen nvm a downsized downright small kitchenette. :) When I saw our living space for the first time,  I said,  "challenge accepted!" :-) I had seen all the pinterest cutie baby kitchens and thought,  "I can do it!" of course this came out a little different than expected. :) almost 2 yrs later and I have finally mastered the tiny kitchen with little money 💰 spent on organizers. Of course,  at this point I can buy the containers I want but haven't yet, just have what I bought at the dollar store and not much really…

I think the answer is not necessarily in buying more space with containers. Which this surely can gain you more real estate! But rather in categorizing your cabinets. This came as a revelation through another blog. Which became an endeavor, with happy results!  :-)

The spark of inspiration came with a search for what to display on a decorative pegboard. One woman had beautiful teal and pink baking cooking ware on display. Then the same blogger,  showed her baking cabinet. At first glance, this could easily be dismissed as I dont have the room for dedicated shelves. But as I did the spatial math of rearraging by categories, I got excited about the potential outcome and benefits!  Which I am now basking in lol.. Seriously,  every day is like a dream whisking through the kitchen from one cabinet to the other to get what I need. Every moms dream,  I think haha. No but I had all but given up on that idea 💡 for a tiny kitchen a month before we leave.  I am happy 😄 to announce,  I can literally take on any kitchen, that we move into. Haha not a problem! :-D

So how did I get there and where are the pictures?

First,  I did the baking cabinet,  since it is the cutest 😙. And I wanted to be more inspired to utilize, these kitchen tools I had deemed non-essential to everyday cooking. :( Stuffed in a back box like little Alpaca forgotten under his bed ha :-).

I am happy to say,  I have been using this cabinet everyday even though I haven't produced cupcakes yet haha. No rush to prove myself!  Haha

Then I used my other main cabinet as the cooking cabinet. When I first moved there,  and actually anywhere I have lived I always assumed plates had the place of honor since they are grabbed at every meal! Well rearranging my thinking has proved a better place for my plates than I could come up with before..

The plates cabinet houses the bowls and all the tupperware,  cups,  bottles and plastic! :) this is a non-baby proof cabinet so maci can play while I do the dishes and  its not a bother what she will break or spill :) :-)

My deepest widest cabinets contains refills and extra baking backup since apparently I have collected plenty!  :-)

Last of the upper cabinets.. Above the sink, two long high shelves. Are perfect for coffee ☕ supplies and workout pills. Essentially,  my hubby's shelves since he is naturally taller than me and I am not a coffee drinker. Although I can still reach it to refill his keurig stand :-).

My pots and pans are in the bottom left cabinet.

While the bottom right drawers have cutlery, bottle tops

Miscellaneous and clingwrap accessories. :)

Bottom drawer is mugs and extra dishware we dont use normally but may pull out for guests. : )

I have one "outdoor" shelving unit for pot lids.  Another thing that is fun for toddlers to mess around with. I had tried putting them on the doors , also tried in a plate organizer but am happiest with them all out in the open with their own place because they would fall off the door.  And I have too many to fit on one door and I dont room to take up pot space.  I have lots of pots naturally,  that match the lids!  :) it doesnt bother me that maci gets to them and I had previously had for large plastic cups so my kids could get a drink anytime,  also in case of some crazy emergency. But their new spot is much nicer and just as accessible! Needless to say,  I am thrilled with my new kitchen!!!

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