Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A clean house everyday 🏡💕

The power of a calendar! 📇 Is something not organized in your life? Put it on your calendar ✔️ Chores, dates, play dates, bills etc! I am going to try summarize some helpful organizers. This blog will just address cleaning! 🚮

Sports Mom Blog has a printable in this link: 👇

Great paper for the fridge just put it in a little paper protector and add your favorite cleaning products for each chore.

I had previously done this on the calendar  you can schedule your chore on a weekly/monthly cycle. Kid activities can be the same, say beaches on Thursday afternoons etc. The "Yada" app let's you use the emojis and creates a to-do list 📝 with unending reminders! ⏰ iOS cal works great too: more easily sync-able and shareable.

This Brain Box idea was originally done by an OCD lady, so I trust her! Haha
Check it out ✅ featured on "tips from a typical mom" thanks for your blog!

If you are looking for a more in depth cleaning solution and understanding of the scheduled cleaning: Check out this binder, which can suite a command center. It includes bills, dinners and chores.

I've found most mess around my house can be categorized as:


All cumbersome and messy. This other blog has a big bin/bag per kid. At this point with two babies, I am sticking with four bins for these categories. Available to fold down and run around the house picking up the peices! Happy Cleaning!! 😀😍

Last link #savingthebest4last

This is pretty much everything I do with different categories! I will add a pic of my 'bags' later, Thanks for reading!! ❤️