Friday, March 20, 2015

Crab Rangoons 🍱 Takeout? Takein Please!

Who doesn't love crab or cheese Rangoons? Made these today as a quick appetizer while taking care of the kids! This is so quick, we are talking 2minutes cooking time and very little prep.
You can find these wrappers in the FRIDGE not freezer section, beside the cheese with the sushi international fridge section! 
You can use any cream cheese and for crab lovers like me you can add crab bits. Pretty self explanatory, I just needed my fix today so I went plain...
Put a dollop of cream cheese in the middle and wipe it off the spoon like you would a cookie! πŸͺ Next Fold!|:

In case you've never seen one!
Now fry those babies up and enjoy! 🍳

I brown the bottom for say 30 seconds and then flip, not super pretty but delicious!!! πŸ’— Side Note: this T-fal pan is amazing and wipes clean easier than any!

ENJOY!! πŸ’—πŸ’— so quick and easy! :-)

I used leftover chili packets from Panda Express. You can use red hot or sirachi if u like it spicy! πŸ”₯

Midas Touch

While you have the Gold spray can out, might as well turn everything gold,.. Tastefully I mean. Haha

Does anyone have this staples trash can? This is not a new idea but it is luxury with affordability. Came out great, I wasn't using it before and I had seen many posts on different ways to use it but this seemed most close to its original function and beautiful!

One thing they say as a decorating no-no, is to not ignore wires! Well you won't ignore them now! I didn't perfectly spray them but they are a perfect small touch of shimmer out of the corner of your eye! "Everything in moderation" but don't ignore that ugly orange and black chord because someone will notice! And why take all ur energy ignoring when you could be enjoying your clean new look!

Small apartments need every bit of help they can get! :-)
While I'm lecturing, frames should be level on top when side by side and usually not above door tops. Even is good! Also I should probably take those stickers off! #inwardlecture

Also did you notice the solid brick of gol ;-) lol it's just my power strip! But I did tag (literally) my iPhone charger as well because it's a touchy subject whose iPhone charger is whose haha 
Now you can feel luxury when being responsible and plugging in your phone for the night! πŸ’­πŸ’–


Who has lamps that are boring, old, plain or just not you- enough!? MEeee! πŸ™‹

Well fear no more! A gold spray can and a little paint even nail polish can go a long way! πŸ’…???what! Yup. Here's how!

I saw this color with gold dipped bottoms on some stools that looked fabulous. I wanted it so I did it! $4.10 at homedepot for rustoleum metallic spray gold!

This side I successfully used nailpolish, it helped that it had a big manicure brush to go on smooth. Blue for my hubby! We now have his, hers lamps! Loving that they don't look blah! πŸ˜›

One more lamp beautified/modernized! :) this was an old lamp from the grammy era :) now looking young and fresh again! BTW old lamps have the best wiring , lighting and switches. Maybe it's just nostalgia speaking but I love their quality! πŸ’—

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Change the way you think about this ironing board!

Alot of houses in Long beach have these old built in ironing boards. 

I was kind of annoyed with mine because I wasn't getting any amazing use out of it. Until my husband last night said, "what about a changing table"

So I woke up the next morning and went to work

I had some leftover foam from the crib and a couple of baby blankets to choose from.
I warmed my 3$ pink glue gun from Walmart and started glueing the foam to the board, making sure it could shut.
I added the pink blanket and wrapped it around til it folded over and hot glued in various focal points.

I glued an extra changing pad I had to the middle.

On the door I had clothes pins from when I had a missing sock station which has grown too big for the spot anyhow! I put a receiving blanket for ironing and a baggy just in case for 'trash' also a blanket on top for when Maci falls asleep. Quick Access.

The last piece it's missing is a strap which I will buy asap and add to this post to finish it up! So far I am loving this and the space it saves is unbelievable. And diapers are kept in a diaper bag behind our door.

Ok so one update, I had planned on posting! For Maci's safety a stap! This pink strap was one dollar at 99cent only store.

It's originally a dog collar but I just cut and hot glue gunned em again underneath to the sides!
Happy crafting!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stir Fry Staple

This recipe is what I think of as a basis for all my stir frys its a great meal to learn as a new wifey and it can be used in so many ways! πŸ’•

I turn on the jasmine rice in the steamer. It takes twelve minutes to cook, so the timer is on and the clock is ticking! ⏰

Love this rice maker, we have used this almost five times a week since we got married! πŸ‘°πŸŽ©

You can turn on the meat and then scissor it while it's just browned ✂️ or chop it!
It's time for choppingπŸ”ͺ

I pull out my stir fry "bin" which has a red pepper, a red onion, a zucchini and a bag of crinkle carrots🈚️

  Time to go to work!πŸ’ͺ I generally use half of each Veggie and a handful of carrot πŸ“ˆ

I try and rinse everything right away because it makes it easierπŸ’¦

This cerran wrap helps so much because I use it every mealπŸ’― And cutting is just fun πŸ˜€

Once everything is in the pan with two or three tablespoons of oil depending on how much you are making :-) 🌱🌾🍱

Also lemon or lime juice are a great additive but these three are the staple for a stir fry to me! πŸ‹

Once the veggies have a little brown from the soy sauce I shut it off or let it cook on low for one to three minutes max. πŸ”₯ Or else they will loose their crunch, taste and nutrients! πŸ†

Now it's time to prep the rice for the dinner table! Butter, lemon or lime juice and cilantro are always nice. 🍚Butter only today!

Now it is time to serve and eat!!! Best part! 🍴 Enjoy! πŸ›

The best thing about this recipe is you can imagine and eat it many other ways! πŸ’­
Bean sprouts

Any combination of veggies that fits to your liking❤️