Friday, March 20, 2015

Crab Rangoons 🍱 Takeout? Takein Please!

Who doesn't love crab or cheese Rangoons? Made these today as a quick appetizer while taking care of the kids! This is so quick, we are talking 2minutes cooking time and very little prep.
You can find these wrappers in the FRIDGE not freezer section, beside the cheese with the sushi international fridge section! 
You can use any cream cheese and for crab lovers like me you can add crab bits. Pretty self explanatory, I just needed my fix today so I went plain...
Put a dollop of cream cheese in the middle and wipe it off the spoon like you would a cookie! 🍪 Next Fold!|:

In case you've never seen one!
Now fry those babies up and enjoy! 🍳

I brown the bottom for say 30 seconds and then flip, not super pretty but delicious!!! 💗 Side Note: this T-fal pan is amazing and wipes clean easier than any!

ENJOY!! 💗💗 so quick and easy! :-)

I used leftover chili packets from Panda Express. You can use red hot or sirachi if u like it spicy! 🔥


  1. I didn't realize how easy they are. I am going to try them this weekend! For the crab, do you mean imitation crab meat or real crab?

    1. Well this post just used cream cheese. I would just buy imitation crab and mix in one tub and use that tub to work through. It was 7$ for the two items and I'm assuming the crab is 4$ but it can make like 60--80 I believe. We did this for the fellowship and everybody l❤️ved em!!! ❤️❤️❤️xo I love u mama! 💋

    2. Also most restaurants do it with imitation crab they still taste good! But if you like them real I'm sure they're delicious! 😛